Reduce Your Power Bill by up to 50%



Investing in solar technology has never been easier and more profitable. Consider the benefits of clean energy from renewable resources.

The company

We offer reliable renewable energy and solar power technologies to residential and commercial customers throughout Ontario. Committed to the highest quality of customer service and with the expertise needed, we make it possible to get your property on solar energy today.

Battery storage to reduce power bill by 50%

Ontario Energy Board increased the power bill in 2024 by 16%. Our company is providing customers to reduce their power bill via a number of renewable means. A common and easy means is the battery storage. Second is through solar through a net metering program. Were we charge at night when power is cheaper to be used during the day when power is more expensive. See link on the menu above.

Net Metering Program

Get credit towards your energy costs. Watch your electricity bill plummet. Available to any Ontario customer, this program is a means of taking the energy generated from property-specific solar technology and contributing that to the provincial electrical grid.