Reduce Your Power Bill by up to 50%

Net Metering

Through the capture of energy from renewable sources such as solar power, one can now receive credits towards their energy costs by supplying the electricity grid with the energy they generate. This is a fine way to lower your monthly energy costs while helping to contribute to a more sustainable environment. Net Metering allows customers to not only see long-term benefits but the benefits begin coming in the very same month of installation. Your renewable energy technologies will pay for themselves after seeing the savings come in monthly!

Net Metering

How it Works is Simple

Once you've completed your solar panel installation with Ontario's premiere renewable energy installation company, L910 Power Corp., a customer will see it on their first utility bill. They will notice a subtraction on their regular monthly total with the value of the electricity supplied to the grid.

For example, let's say your monthly bill would regularly come to $100 while your first month's usage of solar panels contributed $30 worth of energy to the electricity grid. The difference between these two amounts when making a subtraction of $30 is $70 which would be your final total. This helps put back a little extra into the customer's pocket every month and over time, creates huge savings!

Let's say if you supply the electricity grid with more power than what you have taken from the grid over the course of your billing period then it will appear as a credit on your bill. That means if you receive a regular $60 energy bill but within that billing cycle, have contributed $85 worth of power to the electrical grid, one can expect to receive $25 as a credit on their bill. The more electricity you produce under Net Metering, the more savings you can expect.

Any credits received under Net Metering contribute towards your net consumption. If you have more credit than you can apply to one bill, as stated above, then these credits will sit on your bill until they are used up. This balance can be carried forward for up to a year in order to offset future costs.

Net Metering is available to any Ontario customer who generates electricity for their own use from a renewable source such as solar. The maximum cumulative output is limited to 500 kW in size.

With L910 Power Corp., we give our customers the opportunity to reduce their energy bill to zero through Net Metering. We work with our clientele beginning with the initial consultation and leading up to the monitoring of the solar panel system to ensure that they are maximizing the technology available. Making an investment today will pay off instantly and net a high return-on-investment in the long run.

Through the tailor of these panels to your existing space, we can ensure a custom-made solution that isn't going to be intrusive or cause you any hassle. Net Metering gives customers just another reason in a long line of reasons as to why to buy into renewable energies and to get off of fossil fuels. Don't hesitate to give us a call and we can provide all the necessary information to get you settled.