Reduce Your Power Bill by up to 50%

The Company

L910 Power Corp. are an Ontario-based manufacturer & installer of solar pv panels and wind micro-turbine cubes. Located in Welland, we provide customers around the province with the latest technology in renewable energy. By installing our products not only are our customers producing free energy for themselves to benefit from but through the Net Metering and microFIT programs, they are saving up to 50% off their existing hydro bills.

For years, our company has been involved with renewable energies here in Ontario including in developing the first wind turbine in the province and in installing some of the very first solar rooftop projects in the province. Whether it's a smaller setup for a single property or a larger commercial opportunity, L910 Power Corp. can accommodate projects of all shapes and sizes.

We believe in not only make the world a better place for everyone but we believe in giving our customers a value that they can't find anywhere else. This is the reputation that we maintain with every project we complete. We appreciate all of our clients and have been on the receiving end of multiple referrals over the years.

Those that are new to solar technologies, we can explain everything. We always like to incorporate customer input into the projects we work on and will work with you to ensure you're getting everything you paid for. Making an investment in renewable energy here in Ontario will not only pay off in the future but you can get the benefits the very same month you install. You'll see a major difference in your next hydro bill and every month thereafter.

Solar Panels

Renewable Energy in Ontario

Within the past decade, there has been much movement on the front of renewable technologies in Ontario. Here at OSM Abigail Energy Corp. We are proud to have supplied thousands of customers throughout the province with high quality renewable energy technologies that have not only contributed to lower energy bills but a cleaner environment as well.

The sunlight, the wind, and the rain are all sources of energy that, if maximized, could provide the entire planet with more than enough energy to survive on its own without the use of finite sources such as coal. We are coming into a period where switching to renewable sources of energy is becoming a much smarter and more affordable choice than staying with a property's existing electricity setup. With a particular focus on solar energy here in Ontario, the resource is constant and vast, replenishing itself every day.

With renewable energy in Ontario, you can bring your net carbon emissions down significantly and further separate yourself from the dependence on fossil fuels. The result of renewable energy manufacturing has been the creation of hundreds of thousands of jobs worldwide. With the unpredictability of energy prices out there in the world of oil, gas, and coal, it's solar energy that is in Ontario's future. The experts at L910 Power Corp. are happy to be a part of that.

Contact L910 Power Corp. for more information on how we can help lower the cost of your energy bills today with some of Ontario's finest energy technologies.